What Should I do if I miss my Interview?


Hopefully, you didn’t intentionally miss your interview, but we all know that life happens sometimes. What should you do if it really is out of your control?  Here are the steps you need to help rebound if you missed your interview – whatever the reason.  

Acknowledge and Overcome the Mistake 

Whatever happened that made you miss your interview, a family emergency, getting stuck in traffic, poor planning, or just confusion over the interview date/time, it’s really important to acknowledge what happened. You need to know and understand the issue yourself so that you can learn from the mistake. You should then acknowledge what happened to your interviewer and ask whether it’s possible to reschedule as soon as possible. While missing an interview does show a lack of attention to detail, employers also understand that sometimes life happens. If it truly wasn’t your fault, they will probably understand.  

Continue to express your interest in the role and apologize for the time lost. Managers aren’t just looking for someone they consider to be the “perfect fit”; they also look for people who learn from and recognize their mistakes. See if there’s an opportunity to spin the mistake into a learning opportunity that highlights your mindfulness and interest in growing.  

While it’s true that employers are likely judging you based on your organizational skills and your actions as you move through the hiring process, they’re also human and have probably made their fair share of mistakes in life too. It’s not impossible to overcome this mistake. But it’s important to recognize that they’ll be watching you even more closely to see how you rebound from the error. They want to know how you will respond to the feedback you may receive after having made it.  

Proving Yourself Afterward 

Employers are looking for candidates who know how to stay flexible. They want candidates who own up to their mistakes and understand the importance of learning from those mistakes. This could actually be a good opportunity to show how strong you are when bouncing back and ensuring similar situations never happen again. Other candidates might not have the chance until after they’re hired. But you’ll have to prove yourself.  

It’s the sad truth that first impressions matter. So once that opportunity passes you by, it does take some extra work afterward to get your relationship back on track. Don’t make any further mistakes when it comes to the details. For example, make sure you are well prepared. Follow up as promised. Call when you say you will call. Deliver on your commitment to the job opportunity. If an employer thinks that you are not 100% committed to working for them or are just applying to any job they have the chance to apply to, you will not come out ahead in a highly competitive market.    

So overall, be thoughtful, be careful, and make sure you are presenting yourself as the reliable and professional candidate that your dream employer would be happy to have on their team. For more information about employment services in Nashville, TN give us a call to help find your next interview.  

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