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Should I Take a Warehouse job?


Wondering whether you would be a good fit for warehouse work? It kind of has a bad reputation but actually, there are many positive points about warehouse work. For those looking to work with a temp agency in Murfreesboro, TN, warehouse work is a great option. Here are a few good reasons why you should consider applying for this sort of job. 

The Rising Demand for Skilled Trades Workers 

It might be surprising to note, but the U.S. is expecting to see a significant demand for manufacturing workers in the coming years. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were around 264,000 job openings in the manufacturing industry in March of 2014. While employment in manufacturing and warehouses is projected to decline in the next 10 years, a significant portion of the current workforce is getting ready to retire, creating a sharp and immediate demand to fill existing positions across the country. Demand for skilled workers means there will be jobs available in the coming years, and it also means that employers are willing to pay top dollar for industry talent. 

The reason behind that is simply that many of today’s students are more likely to have their eyes on four-year colleges and the jobs that come along with them than they are to think about vocational programs and careers in the skilled trades. This trend isn’t new, but it’s leading to a new problem: a shortage of workers.  

Professional Growth Opportunities 

What many workers might generally overlook when it comes to warehouse jobs is simply that there are good opportunities for professional growth. Warehouses tend to promote from within the company because it is often real world experience that shows the best impact when it comes to leadership in the warehouse business. Similarly, it doesn’t take years to get promoted. The fact is that a skilled and trained warehouse associate is a vital person to their company. They are hard to replace and counted on to deliver real value for their business. That value is seen and rewarded. Businesses are generally pretty loyal to their workers in this industry.  

Definitely not a Desk Job 

Warehouse jobs are great for those who dislike desk jobs. For warehouse workers, there’s always something to do. So you can be sure that you’ll get the chance to stretch your legs throughout the day.  

A Growing Culture of Safety  

More regulations have been set in place around warehouse safety and efficacy in recent years. This has nurtured a workplace culture of safety that holds the wellbeing of their employees first and foremost. Establishing a company-wide commitment to a safety program helps ingrain the importance of a safe working environment. Providing visible leadership in regards to safety is key, including following all safety protocol from the top down, making it a safer and better place to work than ever before. 

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