3 Things to Know Before Making a Career Change


People change careers for any number of reasons. Maybe you are not finding the right opportunities near where you want to live. Or maybe the job market is too crowded to find the jobs you are looking for. Maybe the opportunities for growth and advancement are too few and far between. Career changes might seem intimidating, but sometimes they are the best decision you can make for your career. If you’re considering a career change, you’ll want to think about these things before making the leap.

You May Not Need to Go Back to School

If you have been in a role or in an industry that you were trained and educated to enter, you might be surprised at how many other careers might also make sense given that education. To change careers, you don’t always need to go back to school and start from square one. Many things that you learn on the job (and in a formal academic environment) are transferable skills or information that is more broadly relevant.  

Often, a background different from your teammates or other candidates can actually set you ahead of the rest. Diversity of education and experience builds stronger teams. So don’t sell yourself short. Do the research, and make sure you are applying for jobs that make sense for your experience and skillsets. But don’t think you necessarily need to go back to school to make a successful career change.  

You Should Plan Your Transition

Rather than simply deciding that your job is no longer for you, it’s important to have a good idea of what industry you would prefer to be in and your role to accomplish your career goals. Some skills translate better between roles than others, but there is always the opportunity to learn what you need to make it happen. As an experienced professional, you know a lot already about what it’s like to work in a business environment, what interpersonal and time management skills are required to be effective in the job. What you need to learn is what you need to fill in the gaps and make you a competitive candidate.   

That starts with a plan. Know what industry you want to join. Think about what type of job you would ideally like to have, based on your interests and experience.  Know what positions are likely to be available within that industry. Consider how your unique experiences and skills are likely to carry over to a new position in a different industry. Research the trends and prepare yourself to seek out work that will be in demand in the future and the present. Then go out and get the experience or knowledge you lack for you to provide value to employers.

Seek Out the Experience You Need

Temporary work is actually perfect for professionals interested in changing careers. Short contracts are great for learning new skills, gaining quick experience, and building a new network. If you need training or certain skills, temp work is a great opportunity to broaden your horizon and make sure you are growing in the direction that makes sense for your career plan. Working with a staffing agency like All-Star Personnel is a great opportunity to try out new roles, see if they make sense for your future, and develop the skills and experience you will need to change paths mid-career.  

Looking for new Career Opportunities?

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