Want to Get Hired? These 5 Soft Skills Are What Employers Want Today


Working with a temp agency is a great way to get ahead in your job search. But not every agency’s approach to hiring success is the same. As a leading temp agency in Smyrna, TN, we at All-Star Personnel know what businesses and employers are looking for. They need employees who bring the whole package, not just technical skills. What makes people successful in their jobs is often a little something extra beyond what is described in the job description. Consider emphasizing the value of these soft skills when applying to your next position.  

Project Management Skills are Critical 

Great project management skills are an asset in any industry. This is especially true for those businesses where time is money. A candidate with a great project management skillset can make the difference between landing a large project on time and budget. On the other hand, the lack of this key skillset can not only delay and derail a project, but it can also damage the company’s reputation with the client and can potentially cause monetary damage. 

Highlight Your Attention to Detail 

Attention to details is a key quality that can serve everyone, no matter what role or profession. This shows up in all aspects of work, starting from communication to information gathering and workflow design. A detail-oriented candidate spots inefficiencies and opportunities to improve on processes and projects which others might miss completely. The devil is in the details as they say. And even small, incremental improvements have the potential to make a big difference for employers. So don’t shy away from the value you bring by having an eagle eye. Your attention to detail will set you a step above others with a similar skill level or background.   

Teamwork Will Forever Make the Dream Work 

Whether you are a recent graduate looking to start a career or a seasoned professional who has been in the industry for several years, the importance of teamwork skills is difficult to overstate. Collaboration is at the heart of a successful organization. A good team player can get others around him excited about the project and deliver throughout, which is exponentially greater than any one individual can achieve. This is a critical skill in managers where the team’s success and the company depend on working as a team and fostering a collaborative work environment.  

Understand the Value and Power of Patience 

An impactful employee is methodical and takes a thoughtful approach to problem solving. Patience is an undersold virtue in the modern work environment. Professionals that portray a strong sense of patience in their work are less likely to make mistakes; they can better communicate and get clarity on issues where confusion may otherwise arise unnecessarily. Rushing to a solution is how errors and inaccuracies seep in. Patience is a strength across many industries. When balanced with a commitment to deadlines and accountability to others, it provides a more thoughtful and methodical approach to the work that managers love. 

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