Warehouse Jobs That Pay the Most


Looking for warehouse jobs with a temp agency in Murfreesboro this year? Warehouse work can be very rewarding and lucrative if you know what jobs to focus on. Here is a quick summary of the key warehouse jobs that pay the most. Understanding where the opportunities are and understanding how to move up in your career and ultimately make more money in these higher-paying jobs.  

The top skills that lead to higher-paying jobs in a warehouse setting include organizational skills, verbal communication skills, written communication skills, manual dexterity, physical coordination, and strength. Many of these roles also ask for strong leadership skills or specific technical abilities to grow within. But this is the experience you may receive either on the job or through a training program.  

Warehouse Process Engineer 

The warehouse process engineer’s primary duties include developing and optimizing industrial processes and procedures and guiding warehouse certifications. They assess existing methods and test systems, gather and interpret data and identify and correct inefficiencies. Process engineers may also be responsible for testing and upgrading warehouse technology systems. The national average salary of warehouse process engineers is $85,500 per year. 

Production Manager 

A production manager trains and supervises lower-level production staff, plans production schedules, and assesses resource requirements. They also manage budgets, prepare estimates, and negotiate timetables and rates with clients. Production managers also ensure their team complies with quality measures and safety regulations. The average salary for this role is $76,000 per year. 

Quality Assurance Manager 

Quality assurance managers are responsible for checking to ensure no damaged or defective products or shipments leave the warehouse. They enforce defined compliance measures, conduct safety and hazard analyses, monitor day-to-day procedures and inspect inventories. They make on average, $75,000 per year. 

Shipping Supervisor 

Shipping supervisors are responsible for ensuring all shipments are sent and delivered according to their schedule and budget. They monitor outgoing and incoming shipments and verify that all items are in good condition and sent to the appropriate destinations. Shipping supervisors are also tasked with managing shipping staff and act as a liaison between warehouse workers and the organization’s upper management. The national average salary for this role is $49,000 per year. 

Assembly Technician 

An assembly technician works as part of an assembly line team and is responsible for using tools or machinery to put together products or components of complex products like cars, aircraft, and computers. They may also be tasked with gathering tools and materials, reading, and following templates, blueprints or instructional guides to ensure proper item assembly. The national average salary for assembly technicians is $14.62 per hour. 

Receiving Manager 

A receiving manager oversees all distribution services within a warehouse, including training and supervising receiving staff, planning and executing processes, checking inventory, coordinating operations and managing allocated budgets. They also complete and record quality checks and verification of received shipments. People in this role can expect to make an average salary of $44,000 per year. 

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