Resolutions to Make for a Happier Production Team


Work-life balance has been a challenge for many years, but balancing the current environment’s demands with a career in production can seem harder than ever. Ensuring that your team is happy and healthy, productive, and engaged is more important now than ever before. Luckily, as we start a new year, there are some great new years resolutions that managers like yourself can make to commit to your team’s wellness. Here are some ideas to make your team’s 2021 the best year yet.

Resolution 1: Make Team Wellness a Priority

Committing to your team’s health and wellness may seem like a no-brainer, but you need to do more than talk the talk. Corporate wellness programs can take many forms, but there are some simple but effective actions in a production environment. Enforce breaks. Build a team culture that put safety first. Provide resources and support when team members need help managing their wellness. Encourage team members to commit to healthy eating, regular exercise, and getting the right amount of sleep for them. Remind team members that what we do in our down time helps us to be stronger and more productive in our work time. And being able to enforce personal boundaries on time (work and life) helps maintain the balance between the two. Treat your team members like the whole people they are, and that team wellness will continue to support your business needs.

Resolution 2: Commit to Providing Positive Feedback

Feedback shouldn’t always be constructive or negative. Too often, employees hear only feedback about the mistakes that they make. But if you only hear about what you do wrong, how difficult would it be to recognize and nurture your strengths? Take a balanced approach to feedback. Commit to providing more positive feedback, so your production workers know what their “super-powers” are. Those are the unique skills and strengths that they bring to the job that helps them shine. Rather than focusing all your management efforts on correcting or directing, encourage workers to do more of what they’re great at. This will help nudge them in the right direction while maintaining high levels of job satisfaction and good morale.

Resolution 3: Cross-Train Your Team

We hire people for their ability to do a job, but if we as managers are so heavily dependent on one person to do that job, we’re essentially tying our own hands for whenever that person needs to take a break, is out sick, or on vacation. Cross-training your team to handle a situation where they need to cover for someone is a great solution to a skeleton crew. This simple act helps covers shortages and expands employee skill sets. An added benefit is that it mitigates boredom and even helps retain employees for longer periods of time. It’s a great win-win situation, and an easy resolution to commit to for the coming year.

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