Is Your #1 Goal This Year to Find a Better job?


Goal setting is a huge part of what makes January feel like a fresh start. If you are like many job searchers, a fresh start feels like something we can all use. But what does a fresh start look like for your job search? Consider how temp services in Portland, TN, can change the course of your career. Temp work is a great way to get back to work quickly and build new skills. Here are a few tips to help you organize your job search, scope out your needs and wants from a job, and how you can brush up on your interview skills for a fresh start in 2021.  

Getting Organized 

A great way to reinvest in your job search is to get organized in your approach. Keep track of what roles you have applied to, how you have approached applying to those roles, and what successes you have with your application. Get strategic in how you are approaching applications. Reaching out to staffing agencies consistently, and following up in an organized and strategic way is important. Looking for work can be as much of a full-time job as an actual job. Make sure you are tracking your effort and not wasting time on channels that are simply not working for you.  

Get Crystal Clear on What You Want 

One of the biggest challenges facing job seekers is simply the insecurity of not having a job. Not being sure when or where your next opportunity will come from is pretty stressful. Adding on top of that, a lack of assurance of what kind of job you will be successful in or happy with, a lack of clarity can be the worst hurdle to manage. But of all the elements of a job search, understanding what it is you are looking for is something that you can absolutely control. But you need to do the work to get crystal clear on what that is, and do the research you need to do to find out where you need to go to get it. If that’s a higher paycheck, you will know where to look. If that’s better work-life balance, you will know what questions to ask. If that’s a reduced commute length, you’ll know what jobs to turn down or avoid applying to. Direction helps get you where you need to go, and the best direction in a career is self-direction.  

Brush Up on Your Interview Skills 

Interview success is largely about confidence. If you know you have the right skills to succeed in a role, that comes across as assurance and trustworthiness in an interview. It’s always helpful to practice your interviewing skills, with friends or family, or with mentors and coworkers. Make sure you are good at connecting with your audience, that you can showcase your past results and tell the interviewer exactly why you are the right fit for the job. This is likely different for each job you apply for, so get away from a scripted, resume version of your interview strategy. An interview is your chance to connect with a potential future employer. Ensure they walk away from the meeting with confidence in your abilities and your work style and professionalism. Sometimes, that can make all the difference.  

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