Being Successful at Your First Warehouse Job


Everyone starting in a new position is looking for ways to make an excellent first impression. When you begin a new job at a warehouse, you may not know really what to expect. But working in a warehouse is a great way to build up valuable experience and see the results of your hard work. Here are five things you can do to set yourself up for success in your first warehouse job.   

  1. Make sure you’re dressed for the job 

Before you start, make sure you invest in a good pair of shoes or boots. You can be sure that on the job in a warehouse, you’ll be walking a lot. Get smart fast, and wear comfortable and supportive shoes. Often, we underestimate how much walking or standing you will be doing in the facility. Buying a good pair of shoe inserts and sturdy footwear will help a lot.  

  1. Pack a quick, easy lunch 

Some facilities are in remote areas or not close to fast food. So, having to leave for lunch is rarely going to be an option. Avoid being late by packing am easy lunch for your first few days or at least until your familiar with the processes involved in your facility. It may be that over time you have the opportunity to branch out, but until you know the ropes, make sure you are fed without disrupting your schedule.   

  1. Arrive early 

The first day in a new job can be confusing, and there may be additional steps you need to do on your first day. Arriving early helps to eliminate unnecessary and avoidable hiccups. Plus, it’ll give you the perspective you need on new processes and workflows to make sure you are in the right place at the right time.   

  1. Ask questions 

People are often ashamed to ask simple questions. This is your opportunity for a great career, and there are no stupid questions. Ensure you are getting answers to the questions you have because if you wait too long, the opportunity might pass you by. Just remember that everyone started as a new person in the warehouse, and they all had to ask those questions too. If you can, find a buddy to shadow so you can pick things up without disrupting the team.   

  1. Smile  

As simple as it sounds, smiling shows people you are approachable and friendly. The easiest way to win over new strangers is to smile and say “hi”. Once you’ve said hello then you are not strangers anymore, they’ll be teammates. Connecting with new colleagues can feel like one of the more challenging aspects of getting familiar with a new job. But don’t let yourself be shy. Get out there and make some new friends.   

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