Hiring? What’s the All-Star Difference?


We at All-Star know that there are many staffing agencies to pick from in today’s job market. But we’re confident that the All-Star Difference can make all the difference for you. We are deeply committed to understanding our client’s business. This enables us to create staffing solutions that work, for your projects, work for you company, work for your bottom line. We provide actual solutions to employee staffing issues, training, orientation, onboarding, and standard staffing needs.   

Expectations from Your Staffing Partner 

You can expect several things from us at All-Star if you choose us as your staffing partner. You can expect unsurpassed service. That means more than the simple white globe treatment of a client. It means we are in it with you every step of the way. We know your concerns and are able to provide solutions to problems before you even identify the source of the issue. We bring a daily commitment to your workplace solutions. And that means that we provide service to our clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your business is our business, and we take that partnership seriously.   

Unsurpassed Service and Customer Retention 

Another element of the All-Star Difference is that customer retention is top priority. All-Star Personnel currently retains one of our very first customers from over 15 years ago and many other viable long-term customer relationships. Those relationships are critical to us because they show that we are doing the job right. And with the trust and testimonials of those clients, we have grown and expanded our services to include even more and better offerings.   

Customized Solutions 

Our customized solutions are pivotal to our success. Private ownership allows us to make quick decisions without managing bureaucracy. This enables us to be quick, responsive, and strategic based on the latest market trends. Together, this enables us to deliver efficient, cost-effective, and of course, on-time solutions that adapt to fluctuating business needs. If a pivot is in your business plan this year, we’re the staffing firm for you.   

On-Time Delivery 

Our commitment to delivering on-time and on-budget is part of who we are. Our proactive delivery model ensures you never have to wait for the right candidate. We know what our clients are looking for, flexible but talented individuals. We create a reliable talent pipeline that you can count on, so that when you come to us, we’re ready with solutions. On our side, that means prospective employees are constantly screened, interviewed, evaluated, tested, and prepared even in the absence of open orders. That’s the All-Star Difference.  

Need to Staff Up? 

Want to put us to the test? Give us a call today to find out what we can do for you.   

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