Summer Attire at Work


The weather in Tennessee is warming up, and the hotter days will be here soon. It can be tempting to dress more casual than usual to help manage the more tropical weather, but not everything appropriate for summer is suitable for work. Here are some reminders about how to dress properly as the temperature climbs outside. While each job site may have specific limitations, this will serve as a guide when you’re not sure what to wear.   

Rethink Fabric and Color Choices  

For summer months, you can achieve a more relaxed business casual look for the office by wearing lighter fabrics like cotton and linens in light colors (such as creams and khakis). You can also work casual pieces into your regular work attire by pairing a nice t-shirt and blazer or dark-wash jeans and professional top. It’s a great idea to have a summer wardrobe and a winter wardrobe and remember to make the transition from one to the other as the season changes in the spring or fall. Avoid wearing too much in terms of dark colors if you can, as dark fabrics can get very hot, especially in direct sunlight.   

Sleeve Lengths and Layers  

In the hotter months, shorter sleeve lengths are a great way to stay cool. Even modest sleeveless tops can work well for ladies depending on the dress code in your office. Making sure to bring along a light cardigan or blazer to cover up when needed is a great way to balance out the shorter lengths with modest office environments. For ladies, summer dresses and skirts look great and help keep you cool on sticky days. But try to pick those with some structure in light or bright colors and soft, friendly patterns.   

But Don’t Take It Too Far  

While short sleeves are a great option in summer, experts say shorts are never appropriate in the office, as they look too laid back and can reveal too much. Also stay away from tank tops, old t-shirts, and bathing suits under your clothes. Avoid spaghetti-strapped and strapless dresses and anything considered too revealing Also, be careful about the fabric choice. Thin, barely-there sundresses should be saved for the weekend. A good rule of thumb is this: if you look like you’re ready for the beach, you do not belong at the office.  

Be Mindful of Your Shoe Choice  

Workplace dress experts universally confirm that flip flops are never appropriate in the office. Similarly, too-casual sandals are not an appropriate work choice, and if the shoes are too high to walk in comfortably, leave them at home. If you work somewhere where it’s important to protect your feet, keep safety as your top priority. Remember, that even in the summer when you’re at work, you’re expected to show up as a professional.   

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