Working With Others, How To Be A Great Team Player


Excellent teamwork skills are a must for almost every company that you are looking to join. Success is rarely ever accomplished alone, and an applicant’s ability to be a team player could make all the difference. Teamwork skills are a combination of great communication, understanding of how to work with others, and how working together will produce better and more significant successes than anything you accomplish on your own. The ability to communicate issues and potential solutions, collaborate in practical ways, and maintain positive relationships even during stressful or highly demanding situations is what makes the team successful. Prepare to answer questions of how your teamwork skills have been challenged in the past, and how you might address theoretical scenarios from a “team player” perspective. 

Here are three things you can do to make sure you are a great team player.  

Focus on Communication 

Communication is an especially important skill in today’s job market because nothing ever gets done in silent. Showcasing yourself as a skilled communicator will help grab the attention of your prospective employer and put their minds at ease. Poor communication is often the root cause of any number of problems in the workforce, some quite damaging to project outcomes and team morale. Emphasize your ability to seek out answers proactively, reach out to and engage with clients and coworkers to clarify and drive solutions when needed. Business occurs between people, and without that ability to connect with and communicate across various disciplines and agendas, work can get bogged down. Good communication comes through clear and concise written and verbal communication. If either area is something you struggle with, focusing on that area of growth can do wonders for your career.  

Stay Open to Feedback 

Admitting your mistakes as a team member can seem like a treacherous move when performance is the noted fast track to success. But the truth is that remaining open to feedback and learning from the perspectives of others can be a critical part of being a team player. Sharing your mistakes as teachable moments can help set an example of personal growth and learning for others on your team, as well. When everyone recognizes their imperfections and blind spots with grace and take the opportunity to learn from others, the whole team benefits. It’s easy to take things personally, but a great team player is someone who welcomes and encourages feedback in the attempt to grow both as an individual and as a team.  

Understand the Bigger Picture 

A team player is someone who understands that there is more at stake than their work or projects. When everyone works in synergy and focuses on the big picture, a team can do amazing things. But without a culture of team building and togetherness, it can be a real struggle to find individuals who work well together naturally. But by inspiring, motivating, and challenging each other, a group of team players can surpass any organization of individuals unable to make meaningful connections at work.  

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