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Working for a company with strong leadership can be an amazing experience. It can truly make the difference between an ok job and a great job. Because the people you work for make a huge difference in not only your day to day work but also in the long-term success and growth of your role. Here are some things to look for when applying for a new job.  

Invested Leadership 

Teams who spend time with their leadership are more likely to trust and respect their leadership within a company. When the leaders are invested in spending time with the employees who work for them, the difference in work culture is obvious. People generally don’t trust people they don’t interact with regularly. A manager who doesn’t have their teams’ best interests at heart, or who doesn’t understand the context of the work being done won’t earn trust easily. That trust requires time and attention to nurture and grow. So, if you can see that the individuals you are interviewing with are invested in your success within the role, that’s a great sign that the job will be a trusting one.  

Effective Communication 

Every person has a preferred communication style that is most effective for them. But knowing how to talk to different people in different ways is something only the strongest leaders can master. When managers understand and are able to adapt to the communication styles of each team member, they can better build the trust and understanding that truly effective working relationships thrive on. Look for managers who are able to adjust their communication style to fit the need of working with you. It can be tough to tell whether someone is good at talking with you or good at communicating as needs demand, but just keep it in the back of your mind because it can make a big difference.    

Growth and Follow Through 

True leaders are described as authentic, honest, competent and motivated, and are able to bring out those qualities in the people they work with. The ability to grow a team and follow through on commitments is a wonderful skill to benefit from as an employee. Look for a leader who clearly follows through on commitments. One who understands that growth is the only path forward and is willing to work with you to achieve that goal. It makes a big difference in your career when you feel you can trust your leadership. Because it’s only when managers walk their own talk can they expect their team to truly trust them. 

A Positive Mindset 

Two of the most common trust killers are manipulation and sarcasm. If either of those are in your manager’s toolbox, it can be hard to work for that person in the long term. Working for a leader with a positive mindset is key to them earning trust and motivating their teams (and getting buy-in from colleagues). While it might seem like a little thing, it can make the difference between a boss you want to work for and one you’re happy to say goodbye to.  

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