How Can You Exhibit Your Strong Leadership to Land the Best Job Candidates


Being a great employer depends on your leadership skills. If you want to land the best job candidates, you have to prove to your applicants that you are the person they want to work for. But what does great leadership look like from a candidate’s perspective? Here are a few areas you can focus on to make sure you are coming across as a strong leader and therefore attracting the best talent in the industry.  

Emphasize Collaboration not Competition 

A true leader is someone who cares as much about his team members’ successes as his or her own. Make sure that focus on collaboration comes through as early as the job description. Bring your team into the hiring process. Have them sit in on interviews as appropriate. Encourage them to make referrals. Listen to their judgment on whether a candidate would be a good fit in terms of the team. The ability of a team to synergize and play on one another’s strengths is a great indicator of a strong leader. Your ability to inspire and motivate your team of colleagues is a strong indicator of your leadership acumen. Recognizing that leadership is about leading others, not just getting ahead will show your commitment to your team and your company.  

Be Transparent 

Taking responsibility for your actions and being transparent, including your mistakes, will put your leadership skills in the spotlight. It takes a very confident mind to own up to your own failures, and thus commit to taking the appropriate steps to ensure future successes. Keep in mind that it’s better to learn from past mistakes than to avoid all blame entirely. And that’s the sort of example that real professionals are eager to work with.  

Communicate Well 

Great leaders are also great communicators. They are able to inspire and motivate others to be their best selves, in the workplace and in life. Good communication begins with good listening skills and acknowledging the importance of what team members and colleagues add to a conversation. Only then will you truly be able to share the value in your own words, and have those words be taken to heart. So when you are drafting up the job description or speaking with an interviewee, showcase your communication skills, because those skills will be important in the future once your new hire is brought on board.  

Seek Out Feedback 

One of the most difficult things to learn when becoming a good leader is how to take criticism well. Try not to get defensive and acknowledge that there is always room for you to grow. Be open to constructive feedback and consider how these tips can actually improve your skills and outlook as a leader, even if you are hearing them from potential future employees. Feedback is important. No one is as good at their job as they can ever possibly be. Challenge yourself to always be better than you were the day before, and set a good example for others to do the same. And your candidates will be eager to work with you within a much broader context.  

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