Not Following Up Is Costing You the Job


Following up after a job interview may make the difference between winning the job and being passed over by a hiring manager. But knowing the difference between thoughtful follow-up technique and appearing overly eager or desperate can be tricky. The key thing to remember is that not following up is the worst option on the table. Here are three actionable tips you can use to fine-tune your follow-up strategy and help you close on the job of your dreams without coming across as desperate or annoying.

Tip 1: Pin Down the Timeline

During the interview itself, you should take a moment to talk about the hiring manager’s timeline. Ask them when they expect to decide and let that guide you in your follow up. Work closely with your recruiter when checking in on the progress of your application. They are your best advocate in the hiring process. But don’t feel that you no longer have a part to play after the interview is complete. If after the interview you think of something particularly relevant you would like to share with the employer, pass it through your recruiter so they are also able to stay up to date on progress.

Tip 2: Quickly Send a Follow-Up Email

Did you know that the best follow-up starts the day of the interview itself? The sooner you can send off a quick thank you email to everyone that you interviewed with, the better. This solidifies your impression in their mind and adds depth to your memory when decision-time comes. First impressions matter and that follow-up is your chance to clarify or highlight positive elements of your interactions during the interview.

Tip 3: Show Your Gratitude with a Hand-Written Thank You Note

A handwritten thank you note – sent after the interview is completed – is a nice way to remind interviewers of their conversation with you, without coming across as pushy or frantic. Everyone appreciates a little sincere gratitude and you can use the opportunity to resurface something positive from the interview so it’s fresh and top of mind.

Writing an effective thank you note is simple. Thank the interviewer for their time and tell them how you enjoyed meeting them. Think of this follow-up activity to showcase your professionalism, your positive personality, and your courteous nature. It might seem counter-intuitive, but you should avoid reminding them to contact you regarding the results of the interview. Don’t lessen the sincerity of your thank you note by making it about you. Just close with a simple “I hope to see you again soon.” They know you’re waiting to hear whether you won the job.

Leaving a good impression makes a world of difference in a job interview setting. Take the time to follow up effectively and appropriately and your career will benefit from the effort.

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