Does Your Warehouse Need On-Site Management?


Interested in learning about all the customized and industry-leading staffing services we provide at All-Star Personnel? We focus on recruiting the best talent in the industry to keep clients productive and profitable through changing seasonal staffing needs and general growth. We offer many different options when it comes to project management. You might consider on-site management as a great opportunity.

To know whether on-site support is right for your warehouse, you need to consider whether it’s important to you to have an employee on site to manage a team of talent. This can lead to greater success, and depending on your project, your timelines and your full-time employee availability, it might just be one of the solutions that will make a meaningful difference in your staffing success.

To further explore what staffing resources can make a difference for your company, here is a brief overview of the benefits we can offer you as an employer as you explore your options in staffing partners.

An In-Depth Understanding of the Hiring Market

Our specialized on-and off-site management options provide solutions that simplify your workforce management, allowing you to focus on your business goals. Our depth of industry knowledge and client-focused process allows us to reduce cost and time to hire, adapt to variable workforce needs, handle seasonal demand as well as long term growth needs, reduce excess overtime and stress on your core team, and tackle new projects without adding to your headcount.

Client Focused Special Programs

To help our clients better manage change in terms of their workforce, we have a variety of special programs designed to meet your needs effectively and efficiently. Programs include our on-site specialist program, which is designed to minimize staffing time and cost. You can focus on your core employee base and strategic objectives while our on-site specialist manages your large temporary team, reducing the time you spend training, interviewing and submitting job orders.

We also offer customized reporting and invoicing for any report to meet your specialized needs. From absenteeism to excessive overtime, to getting your production goals met, All-Star offers the level of reporting detail you need in any format that works for you. We also offer customized orientations, where branch teams, individual recruiters, and account managers can perform orientations and ongoing training for the employees assigned to you. This makes sure your new temporary staff has the information they need to succeed on the job.

One Source Services

Your single point of contact at All-Star Personnel can manage your staffing needs across all your vendors. Whether you need a single employee or a hundred, we handle the entire process. You can spend your time on core tasks instead of chasing down help. That means less time digging through resumes, less time interviewing unqualified candidates, and less time managing a large workforce. We are your one source when it comes to staffing solutions.

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For more advice on how to get the most from our staffing solutions and customized services, connect with All-Star Personnel! Our client managers understand staffing, and they will help you get the most out of your temporary workforce now and for the long term.



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