Our Top Tips for Clients from 2018


Finding the right talent to help your business grow is critical to the success of your company. But many employers simply don’t have the information or the resources they need to find the people they need in an efficient manner. Our goal is to make that process easier for our clients. Here are our top tips for clients from last year.

More Profits Come from More Employee Transparency

As more diverse workforces call for transparency, respect, and recognition, employers have learned that to stay ahead of the curve they need to create a positive work culture and reputation that helps to attract and retain the top industry talent. But did you know that with more transparency comes more profits? That might be less well known. It’s an added benefit that many employers are realizing. Transparency does more for the business than just put the minds of the employees at rest. This blog covers several considerations to better understand how you can drive more profit out of increased transparency.

Water Cooler Talk – What’s Really Going on Between Your Employees

Every employer knows that employees talk amongst themselves in ways they likely wouldn’t talk with their manager. While it’s ok to acknowledge those interactions happen, it’s also important to manage relationships in such a way that any office gossip or chatter doesn’t distract from the daily work. This article provides a glimpse into what’s really going on around the water cooler, and how you can influence the conversation for the better.

What Effect Does Overtime Have on Your Team?

While sometimes unavoidable, overtime is hard on employees. Workplace fatigue is recognized as one of the most critical hazards on the job. Job fatigue can occur at all levels, from CEO to the work floor. A tired worker can do harm to themselves and to others working with them. Culture has a large part to play in this hazard. Make sure that your team is taking a balanced approach to overtime. This article provides a look at three critical reasons why you should keep overtime to a minimum. The first of those reasons being that it’s simply bad for morale.

Behaviors to Keep Your Team Cool During the Hot Tennessee Summer

Whether your employees love the great weather that comes with the change in seasons, it’s important to help keep them cool while they’re on the job. The risks associated with you doing otherwise, including negative health impacts for your workers and damage to machinery, are simply too high to validate. This blog provides a few important tips to keep in mind for the hotter months. From better air circulation to on hand hydration, we can help you keep your cool while keeping your team on task through the summer heat.

Work with All-Star Personnel to Find the Best Talent in Tennessee

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