Yes, You Still Need a Resume for an Industrial Job – Here’s Why!


If you are looking for industrial work, you need to make sure that you have a strong resume. While many people assume resumes are only for desk jobs, this is simply not the case. Many employers require a resume for industrial work. Even if an employer doesn’t mandate that you provide a resume as a condition of hiring, having a resume is still a good idea anyway.

You need a resume for light industrial work in order to perform the following tasks.

Prompt employers to take a close look at what you can offer

You need to make initial contact with an employer somehow in order to get them to consider hiring you. When you make your contact with a resume, you immediately give an employer a way to learn about you. Your resume can prompt the employer to contact you to move to the next phase in the hiring process, once the company has seen all you can do.

Stand out from the competition

If you have a resume and others don’t, this immediately gives you an advantage. Not only that, but the details on your resume can convince a potential employer that you would be ready to hit the ground running. You want the potential employer to be aware of all of the valuable contributions you can make and show how much you can do will set you apart from others.

Showcase your talent

Employers are looking for industrial workers who can be productive and who are skilled in their chosen profession. By using your resume to demonstrate all you have done over the course of your career, you get the chance to clearly illustrate why an employer can count on you.

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