Effective Tactics to Give Thanks to Your Employees – Not Just at Thanksgiving


During Thanksgiving, it’s important to remember all that you are grateful for. Your business and your employees should be at the top of your list. Show your employees how much they mean to you this month and every month with these key tactics that really make a difference.

Understand the Cost of Unappreciated Staff

The first step to giving thanks to your employees needs to be an internal step. You should take time to understand how important feeling appreciated is to employees. Recently U.S. Department of Labor revealed that the number one reason people quit their job is that they don’t feel appreciated. That sense of appreciation can come in many different shapes and colors, but the bottom line is that the employee feels like they are valued for their contribution and that they are making a difference in the eyes of their manager and in the overall business of the company. If an employee feels unappreciated for too long, they can suffer health-wise, their morale and that of their co-workers can suffer, and they may inevitably leave because of it. Don’t let any employee departures take place because you didn’t do your part to make them feel like they mattered.

Offset Criticism with Complements

Constructive criticism is necessary, but too much of it can make employees feel unappreciated and result in a serious drop in morale. It’s equally important to show appreciation for the things your employees do well. It’s often more obvious when they’ve done something wrong, but as a manager, it’s up to you to notice and call out what they are doing right. Find the time to catch them doing their job well and show your appreciation now. If others are around to hear the good word, even better. Just remember to be fair with your employees and not play favorites with your appreciation, as this can backfire catastrophically.

Be Specific

When you are praising someone for their effort and their skill, it’s important to be specific. A simple “good job” doesn’t show that you appreciate what they do for you, just that you feel the need to give them a vague pat on the back. Reference what it was that you appreciated about their work. Show interest and engagement in the tasks or projects they are working on. Provide perspective and help them see the value of their work within the larger context of the business and the leadership. That will really make them feel like they matter and that they are legitimately appreciated.

Show Care Not Just Attention

Great managers are effective because they can connect with and inspire their employees. They show true caring, not just supervision. Asking questions like, “what would make you happy” or “what matters most to you in your day to day work” will help you understand what they need to feel appreciated at work. Armed with that information, you can connect with your employees on a much deeper level and make sure they understand how much you value their effort.

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