How Social Media and Employee Engagement Helps Your Recruiting Efforts


Did you know that employee-created recruiting posts on their natural social media channels generate eight times the engagement that the business page would? They also increase brand awareness by almost 15x. According to one study, 84 percent of people trust such posts from people compared with only 15 percent who trust brands who produce similar social content. The numbers don’t lie. Here’s why social media and employee advocacy will be the key differentiator for your recruiting efforts in the digital age.

Relationships Matter

Word of mouth and employee referrals have long been a key part of a robust talent pipeline. Social media is a natural extension of that relationship network. An important aspect of talent outreach involves creating a positive relationship with potential candidates simply to attract their interest to your company and prospective opportunities. A great way to do this is through your teams’ pre-existing social media channels.

LinkedIn and Facebook are particularly powerful networking tools. Use engaging and personalized content to get the attention of local talent and be unique and targeted in your approach to recruiting through these channels. Make good use of your brand and put greater emphasis on your daily interactions with candidates through engaged conversation, valuable content, and a mentor-mentee tone of voice. These elements alone will help build trust and interest in your company and will inevitably draw the interest of talented professionals.

Share Your Brand

It’s not enough to have employees post a link to a job description though. You also need to have a strong social presence for your brand, sharing high-quality content with readers, and engaging positively with those who reach out to you online. You need a strong content marketing plan which helps define your target audience, goals, competitors, benchmarks, schedule, and distribution plan. Focus enough attention on each unique platform while also making sure you have a strong element of branding and consistency across all your social media outlets. This is also an excellent point to identify cross-promotion opportunities for your content such as linking to blog posts and videos in your tweets or email newsletters or share relevant content in the digital communities and forums where you generally recruit prospective candidates. The content you create in your social media channels is a valuable recruiting tool. Don’t let that opportunity go to waste.

Identify Your Cheerleaders

Your employees are your best spokespeople because they are more connected to the actual work than your recruiting team. And candidates recognize that. Word of mouth and positive recommendations are still the strongest recruiting tool available to businesses. It is critical to identify and engage these evangelists to help you attract new talent. Encouraging referrals is a great place to start, but with the tools of social media at your disposal, a simple “share” of a job description can make an enormous impact. Consider soliciting and producing testimonials and success stories from existing or past employees, as these case studies make for excellent recruiting content. These all help boost your reputation and build trust with prospective recruits.

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