Job Search Tips You CAN’T Forget


Finding the perfect job can be a prolonged process. Success in the job market can depend on your preparation, on luck, on your network, and on timing. But no matter what stage of your job search you are in, there are several tips that can make a big difference. Here are four job search tips you can’t forget.

1. Position Yourself

A critical part of impressing a future employer during your job search is how you position yourself. It’s likely that any number of candidates are qualified for the role based on their experience or skill set. But there will only be one person who seems like the perfect fit. Show them why they have to hire you because no one would be better suited to the role. That starts in your cover letter and in your resume, where you need to highlight and call attention to the most relevant skills and experience you have in your background, based on the needs of the job called out in the job description.

2. Be Memorable

Another important element of job search success is being memorable enough for your interviewee to want to work with you. Be interesting. Be exciting. Show that you are different than the several other candidates they’ve interviewed that week. No one wants to work with someone they think is boring. So, make sure you distinguish yourself from the other candidates in a memorable and appealing way. Otherwise, it’s all too easy to get shuffled to the bottom of the stack. Be humble, but confident, and gracious enough to say thank you and send a personalized thank you note. Interviewers remember candidates who make them feel good about the interview and the hiring decision.

3. Be Social

Think critically about how your professional network and your social network as well can help you find opportunities before they are even made available. A good reference can mean the difference between an easy hire and an overlooked resume. If you are not using professional networking resources like LinkedIn, you are missing out on some critical opportunities. LinkedIn provides job searchers with the chance to look for jobs proactively, without burning bridges, and making connections with future colleagues and manager before you even look at a job description. So, take the time to update your profile and make sure employers like what they see of you online before you even submit a resume.

4. Partner with a Staffing Professional

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