Qualified for the Job But You Don’t Get an Offer (or Even an Interview!) – What Do You Do Now?


It can be tough as a job seeker, especially when you know you’re qualified for the job but still don’t get the offer. The most important thing to remember is to not get frustrated. Stay confident and know what you are looking for in your next role. Keep at it. And keep a few of these tips in mind to help you reevaluate your applications if you are just not getting the interviews you want.

Be More Than Adequate

Meeting the minimum qualifications outlined in a job descriptions doesn’t ensure you an interview. There are likely hundreds of people applying for any given job these days, and if your resume doesn’t present you as more than qualified, it’s likely that other candidates will get the reviewers attention first. Also, keep in mind that many companies count on a search engine or bot-based resume reviewers to help manage the workload of reading all those resumes to find the qualified candidates. If your application isn’t fine-tuned and written to hit the keywords and phrases that a search engine is looking for, then you likely won’t even get passed the bot to a live reviewer.

Position Yourself Early

Given that employers receive many, many applications for most jobs, it makes sense that they pick the most qualified of the candidates to come in for an interview. You need to know what those hiring managers are looking for from a successful candidate and position yourself appropriately to impress those readers. Highlight your past successes. Showcase your results to give them an idea of what you could do for them if you were hired. Growing a team is hard work. Make it easy on your hiring manager and show them why you are the most qualified applicant.

Think Outside the Resume

It’s not just a cover letter and a resume that gets someone hired. It’s the personal connection that they are able to make with the hiring manager. If your application reads like you are a robot, chances are the employer won’t be interested enough to want to work with you. Sometimes you need to do something different to stand out from the crowd. Consider visiting the office directly. Connect with employers on social media. Learn as much as you can about the company and about the team you want to join so that they know how committed you are to the role before you are even hired. One of the worst situations is when a hiring manager makes a mistake and hires the wrong person. Don’t let them think that might be you.

Don’t Get Frustrated

The bottom line is to keep at it. Don’t doubt yourself but take time to evaluate all parts of your application if things really aren’t working out. Try something new. Reformat your resume. Reach out and connect in person. If anything else, the fact-finding and experimenting will help you learn more about where you want your career to grow, and in a job search as in life, knowledge is the most powerful tool you can ask for.

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