When Should You Return to a Previous Job?


Hiring boomerang employees can be surprisingly good for employers, but when is it good for you as a candidate? Whether you left for a better offer, a different role, or just needed a change, most people leave their job at some point. Rotating back in when the time is right isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you are looking for a change in your career, here’s a few reasons why you should consider a new role with an old employer.

Why Boomerang?

If you find yourself returning to a previous job, it can feel a little uncomfortable. Reacquainting yourself with previous coworkers or managers can feel strange in a new role, but most people you work with will reconcile themselves with the change. Make sure that the workplace you are looking forward to returning to is satisfying and worthwhile to you as a new employee. Think about why you left, and whether it’s worth your time to go back. The worst thing you can do is realize too late that the reasons you left are still problems for your future career.

If you left because of an unfavorable condition or some practices that you consider unprofessional, it’s possible that those problems have been solved in your absence, but you have no real guarantee. But if you had good relationships and strong experiences with a previous employer, there’s no reason why you won’t have a positive experience again should the opportunity arise. That’s when returning to a previous job should be something to consider.

Consider Your New Role

Usually, it’s best to return to an old employer when stepping into a new role. Career growth is rarely achieved by returning to an old job with no changes. If you left for new opportunities, make sure your new role has the promise of different challenges to ensure you are growing in your skills and in your abilities. Perhaps you had left to pursue additional education or get a certificate. Your new role should reflect your new skills and knowledge.

You would be stepping into that role as a more experienced and knowledgeable employee given that you had worked there before. That alone should set you up for success in an advanced role at the company. You can promote this experience in your resume as a very good benefit of hiring you again because there will be a much shorter learning curve and onboarding process to reacquaint yourself with processes and procedures that you are already familiar with. This is also good for you because you can make a bigger difference to the work and in the team from the beginning. The greater your impact on a role, the more successful you will be.

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