Five Job Search Behaviors that Cost You the Job


A job search can be a little intimidating but getting overly excited or nervous can cost you the perfect job opportunity. Interviews and resumes are the bread and butter of your job search, but so is finding out how well you’re perceived in the world and how prepared are you to take on work you would like to partake in. A big part of job search success is knowing what you’re looking for and what your skills bring to an employer. Before you make a mistake that may cause you the job of your dreams, you need to know where you want to go and how to get there.

To avoid getting nervous before an interview or to minimize the chance of getting rejected, follow a few tips to help increase your chances of acing your next interview. Here are five job search behaviors that may very well cost you the job.

1. Not paying enough attention to your appearance

The fact is that a recruiting panel will look at your appearance and outer personality before they judge you on your talent. Your career is dependent on the impression you make to your interviewer even before you say your name out loud. And not giving enough attention to your personal appearance and even your body language in your first interview will give a bad impression before you even have the chance to show your value.

2. Not providing correct information in your resume

A two-page resume highlighting your past career experiences and skills will make a great impression on the recruiting panel if all the points in it are true. Your words in the interview should match the words on that piece of paper. Lying on the resume is never good. You might get the job by chance, but when it comes to working, lying will not get you the experience to impress your manager and colleagues. Save yourself some embarrassment and avoid the temptation to stretch the truth. Stay honest.

3. Not being prompt

Whether your meeting someone or replying to an email, it’s best to be prompt. Replying to an email from the recruiting team or showing up late for an interview gives the worst first impression you can make. Sending a quick reply to their email as soon as you come across it and showing up on time or a little bit before the appointment will increase your chances of getting the job because it shows that you care and are excited about the opportunity.

4. Being too casual

When employers are taking the time to explain the job description and recruitment procedure to you, it’s important to give them your full attention. Do not play it overly casual or turn a deaf ear towards them. Show them that you’re interested in this position with your attention and your engaged body language. Unprofessional behaviors from you will get you a place on their list of ‘already rejected candidates’.

5. Getting caught unprepared

If you’ve not prepared yourself mentally to go through all the rounds of an interview, then you need to start reevaluating your expectations. Employers are looking for the best of the best to fill their jobs, they want to know that you are willing to invest the time needed to prepare yourself for the questions they will ask, but also to take in the feedback provided.

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