Leave the Suit and Tie at Home – What to Wear to Your Next Interview


The days of showing up for an interview uncomfortable and nervous are far behind us. Here’s a peek at what you should be wearing to your interview: confidence! You want to look professional, of course, but above all else, you want to look confident. You want to present yourself as an individual, confident in your value to the company you’re interviewing with. You want to look like you’d fit in with the team, and it’s hard to do that if you’re the only one in a three-piece suit.

Here are the 3 new rules to help you make a great first impression in your next interview.

Dress Your Best

They say to dress for the job you wish you had, even when you’ve been hired. But for an interview, you’re showcasing your capabilities and your confidence – not your wardrobe. Think about the team you’re interviewing to join. You want to dress to fit in with the corporate culture, while also presenting yourself at your best. A suit and tie can still work for some jobs, but if you don’t know you should do a little research to see what folks wear in the office daily. Do some research online. You’d be surprised what you can find on the company website or LinkedIn pages regarding work attire and dress code. The important thing is to keep it professional and practical for the job. And whatever you wear, it should make you feel confident!

Attitude is Everything

If you’re feeling at all nervous about the new opportunity, remember why you’re there. You’ve been purposefully identified as an excellent candidate for the job, and your prospective employer wants you to succeed. They are looking at you to show them why you wouldn’t be a great fit, and often in an interview attitude makes all the difference. So be confident and have a great attitude to make the right impression. Show your interviewers how enthusiastic you are to be part of the team and avoid bringing any personal problems or past employment baggage with you to a new opportunity. Focus on your sense of optimism and commitment to succeeding in this one role and you will exhibit true confidence.

Come Prepared

One of the most important things you can accessorize for your interview attire is a sample of your past work. If you have a portfolio, a detailed CV, or a list of recommendations, it’s helpful to have them on hand for an interview. The look you’ll present is one of being fully capable and organized, ready to step into this new, exciting role. The habits you instill in your interview (being prompt, being prepared, etc.) can reflect on your productivity and your effectivity on the job. That means having appropriate time management skills, collecting any necessary documents you might need, and getting directions (if needed) and figuring out parking well in advance.

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