4 Jobs in 18 Months – Does That Raise a Red Flag to the Company?


Multiple jobs in a short period of time can look bad to hiring managers, particularly if they are unexplained. But just because you may have bounced around in recent years, that doesn’t mean you should give up. The key to addressing this issue so it doesn’t raise red flags is to be upfront and explain the situation. Did you move? Did you change industries? Are you working for a staffing agency? These are all good reasons why this shouldn’t be a barrier to your getting a good job. This article will provide tips on how to present your resume in a positive light.

Tailor Your Resume

Consider presenting your work history in a more non-traditional functional format resume to distract readers away from the chronological issues that might be there. Traditional resumes are commonly organized by most recent job, which can raise eyebrows at the frequency of departure. A resume which focuses on the projects and skills are more effective in such cases. This more functional format will highlight and present your skills, bringing reader’s attention to your most relevant qualifications.

Lying on a resume is never the right choice, but don’t let the dates of your work be what the hiring manager focuses attention on. Think about how you can communicate the information in a more positive light. Overall, the emphasis should be on your work achievements and how they are relevant to the job which you are applying to.

Feature Short-Term Projects and Temp Work

One excellent reason for multiple jobs in a short period of time is your experience working for a staffing firm or as a consultant. If that is the case, be clear and state the facts. Temp work is a valuable way to learn new skills quickly and help employers deliver on important projects reliably. Don’t underestimate the value of that work.

Short term contract and other non-traditional workflows are increasingly common in today’s job market, and temp work no longer has the negative connotation that it once might have had. As such, employers are more interested in your ability to deliver on responsibilities and keep skills sharp and relevant to your industry. Make sure to share your experience with volunteer work, personal projects, or educational experiences that you took on during your downtime.

Show Your Loyalty to Employers

One of the reasons that employers might be wary of hiring someone who hasn’t worked for a single employer for prolonged periods of time is their risk that you will bounce again soon after being hired. That can be a costly mistake for a hiring manager who is looking for an employee to join the team in the long term. The best way to address this concern is to be frank and upfront about the issue. The bottom line is to focus on the value you are providing, the skills you have learned, and the results you have delivered for each and every project. Most employers know and understand that there is a need for short-term workers, and while that style of employment worked for you in the past, you are looking forward to the opportunity to settle in and deliver long-term results to your new company.

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