3 Things to Be Thankful for at Work


November is a month to look back and reflect on all the good things in life and to be grateful for all that you have. That includes work! Here are three things to be especially thankful for on the job, because not everyone may be so lucky.

1. Great colleagues

No man is an island, and it is the people we work with who often make the job easier both physically and mentally. Great teams are built of people who are committed to each other and to the work, such that they are better able to do amazing things together. A great group of colleagues is part of what makes a positive work culture and environment. So be thankful for your work friends, your water-cooler palls, your mentors, your advocates, your support network, and everyone else you work with. Without them, your job would be a lot tougher to do day in and day out, so make sure you keep them in your thoughts, even when times are hard.

2. Little accomplishments

Challenges and obstacles are inevitable at work. Some projects can seem to get too easily bogged down in minutiae or criticism. But every step forward is a step ahead. Celebrate those little accomplishments, because when stacked together they create large-scale progress. Be thankful for the wins you do have. Focus on the positive. That mindset will help motivate you and keep you going even when the work seems to get lost down in the weeds. Share your achievements with your supervisors, even if they are small in scope. Your manager wants to see you succeed and even those little accomplishments add up quickly, especially on complicated gigs.

3. New technology and skills

It’s amazing how quickly the landscape of work is changing across industries. In today’s era of fast-paced technology that can revolutionize an industry in a matter of years, it’s critical to keep ahead and continually learn new skills and adopt the latest technology. This can be an intimidating undertaking. Already, automation and artificial intelligence have replaced hundreds of different job functions in the market. But that same technology is helping businesses and skilled professionals to do their jobs better and to accomplish greater goals than ever before.

So rather than fear how technology will change your value to your employer, adopt the mentality of an eternal student. Always seek out information on how you can do your work more effectively, use new technology to get more done, and learn new skills that will maintain your value in the job market throughout the process of digital disruption. And lastly, keep a positive attitude about it. While it might seem like more effort to try to stay ahead, there is so much more you can do if you embrace the latest and greatest technology. Be grateful for the opportunity to work smarter and adopt new skills as they become relevant to your job.

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