5 Ways to Improve Workplace Security


Work should be one of the safest places you spend your time. But a surprising amount of violent actions does take place in the workplace. Luckily, as an employer, there are several things you can do to improve your workplace security, for yourself and for your employees. Here are 5 key tips that will make a big difference.

1. Know Your Weaknesses

As you begin to think critically about the security of your work environment, take your vulnerabilities into account first. Create a facility map that marks all doors, security cameras, and stairwells. Make sure that information is available to law enforcement in the event of an emergency. Evaluate your security measures and policies. Does everyone know what to do in an emergency? Have you communicated your plan of action? Do you have a plan of action? Are you more vulnerable to break-ins, theft, or data breach? Are there vulnerable areas in the office or job site that are at an increased risk of crime? These are the questions that will help you start from a strong foundation as you build a more secure work environment.

2. Review Your Security Service

Make sure that you have security cameras where and when you need them most. Consider hiring security guards or a surveillance service. If you feel you need more support in this area, chances are that you would be right. These precautions can help deter criminal activity before it even takes place, and will certainly provide valuable support and information should the worse happen.

3. Make a Plan

Your security plan should consider a number of important elements, such as access control, employee communication, response, and incident reporting. If you are prepared for anything, then your response will be all the more effective. Make sure you have a system in place for tracking security issues and be attentive to issues as they come in. For example, if an employee reports being stalked by someone, make sure the front desk is aware and can do what’s necessary to prevent entry. If a door is left open, employees should close it and report it so further investigation can take place. Making sure that your plan is fully developed so that when something does happen your employees can be prepared.

4. Designate a Spokesperson

In the event of an incident, it’s very helpful to have a designated spokesperson in charge of sharing information with the public and the organization as well. If allowed, rumors can generate panic and confusion when clear communication is key. A spokesperson should be able to speak intelligently to the media, the public, and employee’s relatives. Choose someone who would be able to impact the facts around an incident and present a sympathetic response for victims and their relatives. It may even be worth hiring a public relations professional to craft a strong message for the media should the event call for it.

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