What Will Make You More Confident Right Now?


As a job candidate, your confidence can take a hit during a lengthy job search process. But at the same time, you need to work hard to keep your confidence high to power you through job interviews and networking events that will help you land your next gig. Luckily, there are several things you can do to help boost your own confidence. Here are a few tips to get you started.  

Listen More Than You Talk  

Interestingly, confidence is more about shining a light on other people than on yourself. By listening actively, making good eye contact, and really engaging the people you are listening to, you will appear more confident even if you don’t feel it internally. When you are actively listening, you are fully focused, concentrating and understanding the words that your coworker is sharing with you. If you can respond and recall a conversation fully after the engagement has passed, you know that you have been actively listening and building better relationships because of it. Not to mention that by listening more than you talk, you allow other people to take the spotlight, and you can sit back and relax.  

Ask for Help 

Confident people are not concerned about looking out of place by asking for help. Quite the opposite really. By recognizing your area of expertise and being willing to ask for help you leverage other opinions and resources to support your own success. Confident people are confident because they know they have the right answers or at the very least know the right people to help them find the right answers. Nobody knows everything, and anyone who thinks they do is doomed to failure. Boost your confidence by asking for help when and where you need it. The learning experience will make you more of a leader and the request for help will humanize you to your peers.  

Avoid Criticizing Others  

This may be another counterintuitive action you can take to boost your confidence, but keep in mind that by criticizing others you are rarely building yourself up, particularly in front of other people. If you must criticize someone, do so constructively and in private. They’ll appreciate the subtlety and the thoughtfulness of your advice, and they will look to you as a leader within their network.  That type of interaction is exactly what will give you the confidence to grow as an expert in your field, and build your reputation within an industry.  

While confidence is generally a very internal emotion, keep in mind that you can project the sort of confidence that gets you noticed by employers and managers without necessarily feeling that confidence fully at first. Confidence is something you can practice, and improve on. While it’s important not to come across as overly confident, which can be off-putting, having a little bounce in your step and trust in yourself and your capabilities will make you look more like the type of person employers will want on their team.  

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