How Could You Use Pinterest to Find a Job?


Pinterest is a fun and engaging website that is full of great job search ideas. You might think that it’s all home décor and recipe ideas, but you’d be missing the point of Pinterest. It’s where people collect great ideas and content from around the web. When it comes to preparing for an interview and motivating yourself for a job search, Pinterest might just be your next favorite resource. Here’s why.

Resume Tips

Resume formats and templates are always being reinvented and wading through all the confusing advice that’s available on the web, it’s so helpful to find a resource where people collect their very best thoughts. Look on Pinterest for some great tips to help write your best resume. They’ll guide you through all the best articles and tutorials for writing a clear and concise, or even industry-specific resume that gets you noticed.

Inspirational Quotes

Another popular use for Pinterest is simple motivation. Users are sharing, saving, and even creating visually appealing motivational content to help get people up and active in their careers. You can search for content like inspiring career advice, or job search motivation to help give your own job search a punch. Don’t forget to create a board of your own favorite inspirational quotes to refer to when you fell a little burned out.

Personal Branding

Pinterest is a great place to build your personal brand as an industry expert and general thought leader. Create boards and save content from the web that is relevant to your personal interests and areas of expertise. Engage with your followers and work to establish yourself as an expert online that employers can turn to for insight. While Pinterest can act as a kind of professional portfolio, remember that the majority of content shared on the site is not user generated. But just as thought leaders share valuable content on other websites such as Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is a great source of interesting content to learn about new topics.

Job Postings

Lastly, you might be surprised but Pinterest is a great place to find job postings. Companies regularly link to blog posts and web content – including calls for referrals and job postings. While you should be careful not to spend too much time on older content in case the hiring manager doesn’t have time to keep the job postings section current, those newer and recent pins could be a great lead.

You truly never know where your next big job opportunity will come from. So, don’t think that just because Pinterest is not the “norm,” it won’t provide some serious value to your job search.

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