Going to Need Seasonal Workers? Why Staffing Is the Answer!


As we move into the holiday months, many businesses start to think about hiring seasonal workers. While it is possible to hire short-term employees, the amount of time and effort involved in recruiting, onboarding, and hiring temporary workers can be a heavy burden for companies. Working with a staffing firm to hire temporary staffing is a solution that many companies have already come to depend on. But if you’re considering working with a staffing agency, here are a few reasons why it’s worth taking the leap.

Flexible Contracts

Temporary staffing is a perfect match for many employers because the length of the contract can be flexible. Whether you’re looking to fill a position that’s open due to a sudden project or to cover for an FTE on leave, temporary staffing offers different lengths of employment for your different needs. With staffing management options like the ones provided by All Star Personnel, you can focus on your business goals.

Help Finding Talent

As an employer, you know how time-consuming and expensive hiring a full-time employee can be. Making the wrong hire can cost you more than you might realize. But by partnering with a staffing service to identify and recruit the right temp workers, you can be sure to have the support you need when you need it without the risk of making the wrong hire. A staffing firm has the knowledge and talent pool to quickly match applicants with openings. It’s all about finding the best fit.

Deep Candidate Pools

The hardest part of recruiting is often finding the talent who are qualified to seamlessly step into a position and bring value from the onset of their employment. By working with a staffing firm, you are limiting your recruitment efforts to qualified job candidates ready to hit the ground running. The task of identifying, interviewing, and hiring that talent is something you can entrust to your partner in staffing. With temp workers, most firms work with a diverse pool of qualified candidates.

Reduced Workload

Staffing agencies handle the heavy lifting of hiring. The background and drug screening process can be lengthy and resource consuming. By working with a temp staffing service, you are better able to focus on your product or solutions and simplify your workforce management process. This not only reduces cost and time to hire but reduces excess overtime, stress on your core team. All these benefits make the business of hiring simpler, more flexible to meet your unique needs, and overall less stressful.

Work With a Top Staffing Agency in Middle Tennessee

If you haven’t worked with a staffing firm before but are interested in learning more, consider reaching out to the team at All-Star Personnel. With flexible solutions to help you meet any workplace challenge, All-Star Personnel can provide the people you need throughout Tennessee. Call to talk with a representative today and make 2017 your best, most productive year yet.

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