5 Healthy Tips to Help During Your Work Day


Staying productive and effective on the job means staying healthy and taking an active part in maintaining your well-being. A healthy lifestyle can help maintain a positive work-life balance, boost morale, and combat stress and fatigue. Here are five things you can start doing today to help get you through the work day stronger.

1. Drink Water

Water is essential to good health, and most people aren’t drinking enough throughout the day. Dehydration causes headaches, nausea, and even muscle cramps. But drinking eight glasses of non-carbonated water spread out over the course of the workday can keep you running at full steam even on your busiest days. Consider swapping out at least one cup of coffee for a tall glass of water to start your day right.

2. Meal Planning

The commitments of work and family life often leave busy professionals with little time to cook healthy meals. Fast food and eating out become that much more appealing when there simply isn’t enough of the right food waiting for you at home. Meal planning is a powerful solution to getting the food you need prepared and ready for quick serving once you get home from a long work day. Plan breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for the week on Sunday so you know what to shop for. You can make cooking even easier by pre-chopping, mixing, marinating, and storing the meals you will consume over the course of the workweek. Like most things in life, a little planning ahead makes a world of difference.

3. Healthy Snacks

You likely have felt the energy highs and lows associated with caffeine and sugar consumption. In a work environment, that extra jolt of energy can be enough to help you power through on a tough day. But those energy spikes are quickly followed by a crash that can leave you feeling worse off than you started. Instead of grabbing a candy bar or soda, pack healthy snacks that will keep your energy level and your mind more productive. Easy to eat snacks like fresh or dried fruit and nuts are convenient and provide a great boost of energy without the crash.

4. Avoid Temptation

While vending machines and office snacks are great in an emergency, they can also be poor choices for healthy food options. Avoid temptation by bringing your own snacks and having your own emergency stash in case you get a craving during the day. A small container of un-buttered popcorn, almonds, or raisins can give you the boost you need to power on without hitting the vending machine.

5. Positivity

This is a surprisingly important but often overlooked healthy habit – have a positive mindset. Mental and emotional positivity and a healthy outlook on life help balance out stress, reduce toxins in the body, and boost relationships at work as well. To live a healthy work life, you need to think healthy and act healthy. Having a good outlook on life is half the battle.

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