The Right Attitude for the Job Interview Is This


First impressions matter, particularly on the job hunt. An interview is a critical point in that process and showing up with the wrong attitude can ruin your chances no matter how good your resume looks. Candidates need to strike just the right balance of self-assurance and humility to make a good impression. Here are the four personality traits you should make sure you present to present yourself well during an interview.


No employer wants to hire someone who doesn’t have the confidence that they can do the job. Confidence is critical. Self-doubt is natural, but presenting yourself as a confident, sure-footed applicant is one of the best ways to tell a prospective employer that you know what you’re doing. They are looking for someone to hire because they need help. They are suffering without you, so make sure you tell them that you are on their team and that you can bring the solutions they need.


Distracted or disorganized applicants find themselves shuffled on to the next opportunity pretty quickly. That’s why it’s so important to appear focused, attentive, but not too serious. Attention to detail is a common attribute that employers are looking for in new hires. Show them you mean business by asking the right questions, arriving at the interview on time and prepared, hold good conversations about the job opportunity and your experience, but remember not to make people uncomfortable by getting too intense.


It’s inevitable, employers hire the people they want to work with. In many cases, a friendly attitude will help tilt the balance in your favor if another applicant has a similar level of experience and qualifications. Appearing to be friendly shouldn’t be too difficult. Shake hands. Make good eye contact. Smile. Engage the interviewer in good conversation. Allow them to share their concerns without putting them on the spot or making them look bad in any way. Don’t be afraid to connect with them on a more personal level than just that of an interviewer and a candidate. People remember how you made them feel, above all else. Make sure they remember you as a friendly and talented professional.


Employers are looking for the candidates who are motivated and driven to become successful. It is that drive that will power their own company on to greater successes. Show your interviewer that you are showing up for more than a paycheck. You are passionate about your work. You have goals and a plan for how to achieve them. Success means something different to everyone, but employers want to know their staff has the interest and the motivation to do their best every day, to better themselves and the company they work for.

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