These Behaviors Can Help You Get a Raise


Everyone at one point in their career or another thinks they are deserving of a raise in salary. Whether you earn that raise or not depends on several factors, including the success of the business as a whole, your value within the company, and even whether or not you ask for one. But there are a few key behaviors that you can incorporate into your professional life to helping you get the pay raise you deserve. Here are four tips to help you convince your employer that you are worth the money.

Be Proactive

Employers most value those employees who don’t wait to solve a problem. In order to position yourself for a well-deserved raise, look at problems and suggest solutions before your boss asks. That proactive thinking shows employers that you have the wellbeing of the entire team or company at heart and that you are a key player when it comes to the success of the business as a whole. Just don’t forget to bring attention to crises that you have helped avoid. If no one knows that you regularly save the day, chances are they won’t miss you until you’re gone.

Always Be Learning

The professionals who are committed to growing within their role are the ones most likely to be recognized through higher pay. Do what you can to continue your education, remain relevant in a fast-paced industry, and knowledgeable about the latest trends and technologies in your line of work. Read training manuals. Learn new skills. Network with other professionals. Find the right time to do this to show you have the flexibility to adapt to an ever-changing landscape.

Bring the Good Energy

Employers love to recognize the employees who make them happy to have hired them. Be positive. Build workplace relationships. Make sure that you bring good and positive energy to your workplace every day. Corporate culture is built by its workers who uphold that culture. If things are looking a little negative around the office, or morale is taking a turn for the worse, impress your managers by bringing your co-workers up with a positive attitude and the energy to make work more enjoyable and productive.

Be Reliable

To get that raise, you need to be the employee your boss can’t live without. In an emergency or crisis, be the first person who comes to help. Build yourself as reliable and your boss will recognize that. It could result in a future raise or even another job assignment. Stay calm. Don’t panic. Do your job well. Listen to leadership. And make sure that when the going gets tough, you help your team get the job done.

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