How to Show You Are a Hard Worker


Are you a hard worker? Does your employer know you are? Sometimes it’s difficult to show managers exactly how hard you work at your job, and if they don’t recognize that effort, it can have a negative impact on your compensation and even your job security. Showing you are a hard worker should be one of your top priorities in advancing your career. Here are a few tips to help you do just that.

Keep a Positive Attitude

To be blunt, employers don’t want to hear complaints about the work you are tasked with doing. The way they see it, if you don’t want to do it, you should be working elsewhere. To show you are a team player and a hard worker, complete all your tasks without complaining. If you need help or have questions, be sure to communicate that. But remember to keep a positive attitude about the work because there is probably someone else out there who would be very happy to have the job.

Be Professional

Your employer takes your job seriously, and so should you. Being professional means getting serious about the quality of your work, being on time, dressing appropriately and so on. Showing your employer your work is important to you goes a long way to proving you work hard and give your best effort every day.

Think Outside the Box

Managers and corporate leadership rarely have the opportunity to look closely at and improve work processes (and when they do, it often leads to big shake ups in the workforce). You can prove your value to your team by actively looking for simple ways to improve processes and then implementing those changes on the ground. Don’t forget to measure your results and track your successes because that is the information that will make your resume stand out to future (and current) employers.

Be a Team Player

The hardest workers are the ones who are willing to help their team succeed as a whole. To take that position of leadership in your own job, don’t be afraid to pitch in when someone asks for help. Taking initiative is a definite sign you are a leader in your team and a hard worker. By only focusing on your own tasks and allowing your teammates to fail without providing reasonable support will show employers you only care about your own success, rather than that of the company. Hard work is partly about company loyalty. Show them you are willing to step up by helping out your co-workers when there is a need.

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