Get Rid of Your Bad Habits with Changing this One Thing


Bad habits might seem like minor nuisances in our lives, but they can be at the root of what is holding you back – both personally and professionally. By taking control of your habits, overcoming the bad ones and creating new, better ones to replace them, you are doing more for your personal growth than you might believe. It might be a matter of eating poorly or not getting enough exercise. Or maybe you allow yourself to become disorganized on the job and lose out on important career opportunities because of that shortcoming. Whatever your bad habits may be, there’s a solution.

While that might seem easier said than done, the truth is there is one specific thing you can do to get rid of your bad habits: Eliminate the temptations and change your environment.

Take Charge of Your Habits

To eliminate the temptations that lead you into eating junk food, you must change your environment. Actively make it difficult for yourself to continue those bad habits. Consider only buy healthy food, or try making less food. Shop with a friend or family member who is equally committed to helping you change your habits. Changing your habit-serving environment will make it more difficult or less comforting to indulge in your poor eating habits. We naturally tend to take the path of least resistance when it comes to our habits, so make it more difficult to make your poor health choices and soon it won’t be a habit anymore.

Hold Yourself Accountable

If you want to reduce the time you spend on social media, don’t allow yourself to be continually tempted by keeping apps like Facebook or Twitter on your phone. If you are not ready to quit your networks cold turkey, consider using a timer. Then hold yourself accountable to making that change. Again, enlisting the help of friends and family can help keep you on track. Before you know it, you won’t feel the urge to constantly check your Facebook feed. Eventually it will become second nature to you to limit your time being unproductive.

Create a Positive Environment

Improve the quality of your sleep by making the changes you need to support better habits. If you find yourself falling asleep with the TV on or drifting off while using your smartphone in bed, those are very controllable variables that you can eliminate to improve your sleep habits. Create a “sleep and relaxation only” zone. Provide the dark, comfortable environment most conducive to sleep and you’ll be left with nothing better to do once your head hits the pillow.

Track and Measure Your Progress

As the saying goes, that which gets measured gets done. Make a chart to track progress of your changes in behavior. Reward yourself for successes and hold yourself responsible for changing your own habits. By giving yourself the support and tools you need to succeed, there’s no stopping your habit revolution.

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