4 Traits that Get You Hired for Your Next Job


Employers are always looking for the best candidates who are the “right fit” for their company. But as an applicant, you may be wondering what those traits are and how they apply to you and your experience. The number-one place to look for that kind of information is in the job description itself, but also be conscientious of the corporate culture and team environment to figure out which of your soft skills or personal traits will be most effective to highlight. In general, these are the most important traits that employers are looking for from all of their candidates, and they’re a great place to start.

1. Team Player

Good teamwork skills are a must for almost every company that you are looking to join. Success is rarely ever accomplished alone, and an applicant’s ability to be a team player could make all the difference. Teamwork skills are a combination of good communication, understanding of how to work with others, and how working together will produce better and bigger successes than anything you accomplish on your own. The ability to communicate issues and potential solutions, collaborate in effective ways, and maintain positive relationships even during stressful or highly demanding situations is what makes a team successful. Prepare to answer questions of how your teamwork skills have been challenged in the past, and how you might address theoretical scenarios from a “team player” prospective.

2. Communicator

Communication is an equally important soft skill for job applicants to have. Showcasing yourself as a skilled communicator will help grab the attention of your prospective employer and put their mind at ease. Poor communication is often the root cause of any number of problems in the workforce, some quite damaging to project outcomes and team morale. Emphasize your ability to seek out answers proactively, reach out to and engage with clients and co-workers to clarify and drive solutions when needed. Business is done between people, and without that ability to connect with and communicate across various disciplines and agendas, work can get bogged down. Employers want to hire people who will make their jobs easier. Share examples and results of your communication skills in action to assure them that you will be of value to their team.

3, Hard Worker

It should hardly be a surprise that hard work is still one of the top traits that employers are seeking out. That passion and self-motivation is invaluable within the workforce. Driven employees are the ones who are fully invested in the outcomes of their work. They are focused on the success of their company and of themselves. That spark is what keeps the wheels running when problems arise. Tell employers how you work hard to solve problems intelligently and effectively in an interview setting. Give examples of your past experiences and showcase the results you have achieved.

4. Adaptable

Businesses are looking for employees with quick reflexes and the ability to keep up with changing demands and technologies. In an interview, highlight your flexibility in previous work situations to assure employers that you have the agility to keep up with them.

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