4 Ways to Keep Your Manufacturing Team Excited


The manufacturing industry has seen some very disruptive and truly exciting changes in recent years. The technological changes coming from IoT and manufacturing 2.0 have changed the way business is done, and even the work culture in the manufacturing industry as a whole. With all those changes, it can be difficult for employees to feel secure and motivated in their jobs, but there are a few things you can do to make sure they see all the potential the market holds for them. Here are four ways to keep your manufacturing team excited about their work.

Create a Positive Work Environment

It’s long been known that a great work environment with a positive culture helps keep employees happy with their jobs. There are certain actions you can take to ensure they have a clean, safe, and inviting work environment to come to on a daily basis. Make sure your safety policies are up to date and enforced. Offer safety training where needed to make sure they have the resources to be safe and healthy on the job. Lastly, enforce your policies to ensure that they are creating the sort of work environment you expect.

Listen to Feedback and Input

Listening to your employees is a powerful thing. Take the time to solicit their feedback, to learn from them and get to know them. They are your strongest asset, and you should treat them with the respect they deserve. Make an effort to solicit meaningful input on a regular basis, and encourage employees to come to you when they have ideas. You never know when the next big idea will occur. This will bolster their confidence and morale, and keep them excited about coming to work for your company.

Provide Variety in Work

Employees are increasingly interested in working for companies who are committed to their employees’ professional development, their work-life balance, and providing a positive corporate culture. Part of that interest comes from not doing the same thing day in and day out. Provide a little variety in their work to ensure that your employees remain interested and excited about their jobs. Offer a job swap program, where co-workers train and shadow each other on occasion. This helps to aid in teamwork, appreciation for what others are doing, and expands horizons all at the same time.

Praise in Public, Critique in Private

This last morale booster simply can’t be overstated. People thrive on public recognition. If there is ever a lesson to be taught or negative feedback to be provided, make sure it’s done in private where humiliation is not on the table. When it comes to praise however, the more public the better. People enjoy the recognition they receive, but if it’s done in front of co-workers and supervisors, it will certainly have a more lasting impact.

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