Be True to Yourself to Help Your Career


Authenticity is a bit of a buzzword in today’s job market, but there’s a good reason for that. Hiring managers are looking for candidates who are able to live up to their resume and who are able to communicate with employers in an honest and transparent manner. There are a number of ways applicants can project that air of authenticity and connect with the employers they are most interested in working for. All-Star Personnel provides a number of tips for how to be more authentic in your job search.

Honest Communication

The old saying goes that honesty is the best policy, and nowhere is that more accurate than in a job search. It can be tempting to pad your resume or spin your experience as more relevant than it actually is, particularly when presented with the opportunity to grow your career. But the truth of the matter is that employers are really good at spotting fakes, and an insincere application makes for an easy rejection. Honesty in your resume and in your cover letter is critical. Don’t sell yourself short, of course, but also remember that employers are checking your references and your employment history to confirm the information you have presented.

Follow Your Passion

When choosing your career and the industry you would like to spend your time working within, it is important to follow your passion. Work takes up the vast majority of most people’s lives, and to be laboring away at a project that you feel no connection to or for a company who does not deserve your loyalty can be an extremely stressful experience. Rather than just following the money, give serious consideration to how you want to spend your time and efforts.

Think about what you do in your spare time that makes you feel excited and engaged. Then think about what industry or job would fall under that passion. The next step after identifying your dream job is to learn about the necessary training or skills required to succeed within that position, and pursue the qualifications you need. Once you are able to identify your ideal job and pinpoint the actions you need to take to prepare yourself, the pathway to your dream career is suddenly clearly defined and open to you.

Everyday Authenticity

Being your authentic self is about more than just pursuing your passions and communicating with others in an honest and open manner. Authenticity is first and foremost an internal tool. The worst thing you can do is try to be someone you are not. Living a lie day after day is draining and can put serious strain on your mental and physical wellbeing. By being honest with yourself about your interests, your strengths and your weaknesses, you will open the door to a more fulfilling and authentic life.

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