Recognize and Reward Behaviors to Raise Your Office Culture


The best talent in the industry is interested in working for employers who value their staff. Competitive compensation packages include detailed benefits, flexible work options, and an attractive office culture. But creating a positive work environment doesn’t just happen on its own. It takes thoughtful and proactive business management. If you’re looking for ideas to help your company create a positive work environment, read on for the best tips from All-Star Personnel.

Focus on Your Core Values

When evaluating your company culture, take a moment to think about your business’s core values. Look to your mission statement and founding documents to fully understand how your values should influence your work environment. Core values that will likely influence work culture include collaboration, safety and work-life balance. Make sure that your employees are aware of these core values and reward those who exemplify those values in their daily lives.

Keep Your Staff in Mind

The point behind creating an engaging and welcoming company culture is to recruit and retain the top talent in your industry. With that in mind, it’s important to think about your employees when you are setting goals to improve your work environment. Do your employees tend to have overly long commutes? Consider offering flexible work options or carpool options. Are you located in an active and health-conscious community? Standing desks and gym memberships are a great way to encourage your team to stay healthy and boost morale. Just keep in mind the people you are catering to and incorporate their values into the work culture equation.

Create Transparent Management and Communication Styles

People love the jobs they have where they know their work is valued. They seek out engaging and interesting jobs and companies, and more and more they prefer to be included in decision-making processes, and really appreciate being communicated with, rather than spoken to or managed. As a manager, it is important to provide those opportunities and make adjustments to communication styles as needed to help attract and retain the sorts of employees that will bring a renewed energy to the office. Even simple adjustments help to create an engaging corporate culture.

Recognize Those Who Support Positive Culture

While it is important to clearly outline and communicate the values and goals of a positive work environment, rewarding and recognizing those employees who help create that environment is critical to maintaining the office culture that you aim for. Don’t limit the interactions to managers and administrators. Work culture is maintained by all members of the staff. Encouraging co-workers to recognize each other, perhaps through an award program, can facilitate – and engage employees in – the process. This allows your team to take ownership of the culture they work in, because they also create the very environment you are looking to improve.

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