Why Being Too Serious Can Hurt You in a Job Interview


Interviews are often a stressful situation for candidates. The tension associated with putting yourself on the line to show prospective employers that you are able to provide great value to them if hired can take the humor out a situation entirely. While you want to present yourself as highly professional, losing your sense of humor can actually hurt your chances of making a good impression. All-Star Personnel shares a few reasons why a good chuckle can boost your chances of success in an interview setting.

Confidence is Everything

When you meet your interviewer face-to-face for the first time, a confident presentation can make all the difference. First impressions really are critical, and coming across as pleasant and good humored will put your interviewer at ease and frankly improve your chances of getting them to like you. Being too serious can be off-putting and have a negative impact on the rapport you create with your interviewer. Show your confidence through a relaxed yet professional presentation and do what you can to communicate your self-assurance through good posture, strong eye contact, and a friendly attitude.

Engage with the Interviewer

While you don’t want to be making inappropriate jokes in an interview setting, a good laugh shared between you and the hiring manager can create a connection that will help you really engage with the person across the table. Take the time to get a feel for the room, and if you are feeling that the conversation is heading into lighter territory, make an effort to make them smile. The company and hiring manager you are speaking with are as interested in connecting with you as you are with them. Avoid letting yourself put up unnecessary walls and do your best to engage with the interviewer and share your passion for the opportunity. This will help communicate your interest and your desire to join the team.

Don’t Be Just Another Robot

Interviewees that come across as pre-programmed with very scripted answers to common interview questions don’t make a strong impression on hiring managers. A lack of sincerity and openness can really leave interviewers with a bad first impression. The big difference between an interview and a resume is your ability to communicate your personality. Employers are people, and people want to do business with other people, not with resumes. Don’t let yourself come across as robotic or overly serious because it will ultimately hurt your presentation.

Interviewers are used to talking with all kinds of applicants, many of whom have been pre-programmed to answer questions in much the same way as everyone else. Do what you can to differentiate yourself from the other candidates and make a positive impression on your interviewer. This can quite simply mean presenting a professional and friendly persona, being open and engaging in your discussion, and leaving your interviewer with a pleasant feeling about the interview experience itself. You would be surprised how effective honesty and openness in a job interview can help your chances of getting the job.

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