When Do You Consider a Temp-to-Perm Job?


As a candidate looking for employment, you are likely presented with a number of options. Today’s workforce is flexible and there are many different opportunities available to qualified candidates. One non-traditional opportunity may be a temp-to-perm or contract-to-hire position. While this may not seem like the usual career path most people aim for, there are a lot of benefits to a temp-to-perm job that you might not be familiar with. In our latest article, All-Star Personnel discusses the benefits of this job status and why you very well might want to consider taking such a job.

What is Temp-to-Perm?

Many companies decide to work with staffing firms such as All-Star Personnel to help them recruit the type of workers who will provide quality work for their investment. From their perspective, the time and resources that are required to find and hire skilled and reliable workers are often burdensome. They truly rely on our industry knowledge and talent acquisition skills to find the types of workers who are best suited for success within their work environment.

Employers often turn to staffing firms to bring on temporary or contract hires who are able to fill a need on a temporary basis. There is also an interesting middle ground where companies are looking to try out a candidate before bringing them on in a regular or salaried capacity. That’s really what a temp-to-perm job is. It gives employers and candidates the opportunity to test the waters in a certain position or industry before making a long-term commitment. Placement in such a position is meant to provide support where it is needed but also evaluate the employee performs well and fits in with the team culture. While this type of job status may be untraditional, it provides an opportunity for both employer and employee to really get to know whether the job is likely to be a great fit in the long run.

The Benefits of an Extended Interview

Many candidates are well aware how much is on the line within an interview setting. First impressions are critical but in reality, the impression you or your employer make in an hour-long, high-pressure scenario is unlikely to be a good indicator of your success in the actual job. As a contract worker, you have a valuable opportunity to not only prove your worth to a company but also make sure they are meeting your standards for long-term employment as well. Consider the temp-to-perm contract to be like an extended interview.

If you find that the position is challenging and rewarding enough to join the company full time, then that experience is invaluable. The same holds true if it isn’t a perfect fit. It’s much easier to extricate yourself from a short-term contract with grace than to quit a salaried job abruptly. Contract positions that don’t pan out should not be considered a failure, but instead, provide an excellent networking opportunity. If you are not convinced that a temp-to-hire job is in your best interest, consider asking the employer questions such as the time frame of the contract-to-hire status and their requirements for a successful transition. Clear and open communication is your best tool in pinning down a job that meets your needs in the long run.

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