Understand Why Being a Manager Is Different


If you have been recently promoted to a managerial position, congratulations! Your company leadership has clearly noticed your industry-leading qualifications, experience and leadership skills. Now it’s time to put those skills to good use.  But a new job as a manager isn’t the same as being promoted to continue doing your old job. Managers are expected to supervise the overall growth and productivity of their team as a whole.

You may be asking yourself, how can you acquire skills you need to effectively manage people? How much power do you really have when people report to you? How do you learn to manage each person and their personality? These are all important questions to consider when you move into a new role as manager. On a fundamental level, you need to understand why working as a manager is different than working as a member of the team. All-Star Personnel suggests a few pieces of advice to help you hit the ground running.

Key Management Skills

In order to effectively manage people, there are a number of key skills that should be readily available in your daily interactions. First and foremost, communication skills are critical to being an effective manager. You need to be able to communicate clearly and persuasively with your staff as well as your senior management, clients and other key stakeholders. Your ability to influence opinion, motivate your team, and generally get things done is as important to your skills as a manager as doing the work itself. Managing others and making good decisions based on project management and an understanding of overarching business goals help make your work as a manager more effective and supportive of your team.

Thoughtful Leadership Practices

It might come as a surprise, but being the boss doesn’t give you the power you might think. Managers are often charged with balancing the needs of their staff with those of a project, client and high-level business strategy. Great leaders inspire their workers. They have a clear vision of what direction they want to take their team and a good understanding of what it takes to get there. They are open to receiving feedback from their employees, listening to concerns and doing what they can to resolve issues. True leaders teach and inspire rather than direct their staff.

Managing Different Personalities

As a manager, interacting with various personalities on your team and from your supervisors is very common. The skills needed to communicate with a wide variety of people are critical to your success. Communication style is a direct influence on how a person can be persuaded or motivated. Identifying communication styles and understanding how a personality can impact your daily interactions will help make managing individuals that much more effective and easier in the long run. You may be familiar with these team members and their personalities as a former team member yourself, but don’t overlook the importance of those factors when it comes to managing them as a group.

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