Sharpen Your Email with Three Easy Tips


Do you ever feel like your emails get overlooked – or worse, ignored? This is a common problem in the modern age of fast-paced communication. Part of the problem is that everyone is bombarded by emails on a daily basis, and in order to make sure yours don’t get lost in the mix, your email skills need to be sharp and effective. All-Star Personnel shares a few easy tips to improve your digital communication skills and get your emails the attention they deserve.

1. Slow Down

A common occurrence in email communication is the forgotten attachment. While some recipients will take the time to let you know that nothing came through, many don’t have that luxury. Particularly in a job search situation, hiring managers receive an overwhelming amount of email applications. Forgetting to attach your resume or cover letter can mean you have literally lost your chance to make a positive impression.

The best way to avoid this is to slow down. There’s really no rush when it comes to sending an email. Take your time to make sure that the right attachments are selected and that the files sizes are reasonable. Consider saving important emails as drafts and reviewing them with fresh eyes later in the day. If you really want to add an extra layer of protection, consider setting a delay on outgoing messages. As little as five minutes can give you the buffer you need to remember something critical after hitting “send.”

2. Avoid the Wall of Text

Ideally, emails should be concise and to the point. There are all sorts of rules you can follow regarding sentence length, but the key takeaway is that when presented with a wall of text, email readers tend to lose interest. Keep your email messages short and specific to the subject so as not to lose the attention of your intended audience.

Of course there are times when a lengthier explanation or documentation is needed in an email. In cases like these, keep in mind that white space helps a reader engage with the written content. Add extra spacing and other formatting elements (such as bullets or pictures) to break up and organize the flow of an email. A good rule of thumb is that readers struggle with paragraphs longer than six lines. But keep in mind that as more people are reading their emails on their mobile devices, six lines is a lot shorter on a cell phone than it is on a desktop computer.

3. Proofread

Avoiding grammar errors or typos in your email content is one of the best ways to increase the professionalism portrayed in your communications. A sloppily written email shows a lack of organization, interest, and pride in your work. If you are applying for a job, those errors can be very costly to your career. Invest in yourself by taking the time to thoroughly proofread your emails and make sure you are putting your best foot forward.

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