Which Resume Format Works Best for Your Job Search?


Your resume is absolutely your best marketing tool when it comes to your job search. You are probably familiar with the need for a clean and concise resume that actively describes your work history and skills in a very professional manner.

However, it’s not just the content of the resume that matters. The format of the document may also be important to catching and keeping the attention of hiring managers. Depending on the job they are applying for, candidates may do better with a skills-based functional format or a more traditional chronological format. If you are interested to learn what format is the best option for your current search, All-Star Personnel helps you decided by laying out the pros and cons of each format.

The Chronological Format

The most well-known and familiar presentation of a resume is in chronological format. This style of resume presents your employment history in a logical and clear timeline. If you have a consistent employment history without any large, unexplainable gaps or a series of short term jobs in your timeline, this may be a good format for you. Also worth considering is whether the job you are applying for is similar to the jobs you have held in the past. If so, then a chronologic resume is a good representation of your skills and growth over time.

Even if you have some short gaps in your employment history, whether from taking time off to spend with family or to attend graduate school, the chronological format may still be your best option.  To help avoid any questions that result in your resume being looked over completely, consider including a brief explanation for the gaps or why you might have had a series of short-term jobs, such as contract or temporary work.

The Functional Format

There are a number of situations where the functional format may be a better option for you rather than the chronological format. If you have minimal work history, are a recent graduate, have gaps in your employment history, or have frequently moved from one job to another, the functional format is a resume that presents your skills and qualifications in a more highlighted manner than a more traditional work history. This style of resume also works well for those looking to change careers and present their skills in a way that would be particularly relevant to the jobs they are currently applying for.

In this format, the focus should be on your relevant skills and qualifications. You should also include a professional or work experience section where you list your previous job titles, place of employment, location and date. But this section should not take up the majority of the body of the document. Rather, the emphasis should be on your work achievements that fall under a series of skill headlines at the top of the resume.

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