Do You Understand the Importance of Temporary-to-Hire?


If you are new to the contract-based employment scene, it’s possible that you don’t have an in-depth understanding of the different contract types available. There is, of course, the temporary contract, which provides employment for a set period of time. These contracts may be extended based on your agreement with the employer and your staffing agency, but generally they have a very specific start and end date. You may also be familiar with the standard direct hire contract, where a client has a more long-term need for a full-time, regular employee. These jobs are permanent and usually come with benefits.

Third, there is the temporary-to-hire or contract-to-hire scenario which is often overlooked. In our latest article, All-Star Personnel seeks to illuminate the temporary-to-hire contract to help you, as a candidate, better understand how you can benefit from this unique opportunity.

What is Temporary to Hire?

A temp-to-hire contract is essentially a mix of the more common temporary and direct hire contracts. It is a unique way for employers (and employees) to try each other out to make sure they are a good fit for the position before committing to full-time, regular employment. There are a number of reasons why employers like this type of contract. It provides the recruiting and placement assistance of a staffing firm, that is often needed by busy companies, as well as giving them the chance to make sure a candidate has the right skill set and personality for the job.

What are the Benefits?

Candidates can also benefit from a temporary-to-hire job. In a similar way to how employers rely on recruiters to find the best candidate, candidates rely on recruiters to place them in a job that is most likely to be a good fit. The career advice and counseling provided by a staffing firm can be invaluable. Also, the temp-to-hire contract is a great way to test the waters with a company to make sure the corporate culture and the position are what you are really looking for in the long term.

Of course, often the biggest benefit of a contract-to-hire position is the higher likelihood of converting a temporary job into a long-term career. As a candidate, you know that your employer is looking to make a long-term investment, and as long as you are able to meet their expectations, you have a higher chance of getting hired as a permanent employee.

How to Convert from Temporary to Permanent

So, what should you focus on in order to impress the company and earn full-time status? Consider your temp-to-hire contract to be an extended interview process. Make sure you are fitting in with the corporate culture, communicating well with supervisors and colleagues. Complete your work in an efficient manner with an eye toward quality to show you are permanent employee material. Above all else, show your employer that this is the job you are looking for in the long term.

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