Why Your Workplace Needs to Enforce a Mobile Device Policy


Are you dealing with a staff that is often distracted by their mobile devices? It’s a common problem in the workplace, but you should also keep in mind that it is very difficult for most workers to completely avoid being on their mobile devices during the day. It’s important to consider and really evaluate what type of mobile device policy you create should enforce. You should strive for a policy that won’t affect your company but will also keep your employees happy on the job. All-Star Personnel will describe a few options available to you.

Taking a Hard Line against Mobile Device Use

A no-tolerance policy against mobile devices may sound harsh, but there are a number of situations and work environments where employers need to reduce distraction in order to maintain a safe and effective workplace. If the use of a mobile device is in anyway hazardous to your employees, then a no-tolerance policy could be the best option. Security risks that mobile devices can impose are another aspect to consider. These examples all are supportable and understandable reasons to take a hard line against mobile device use on the job.

Flexible Use Policies

Most office-based employers recognize that employees enjoy having access to their mobile devices in case of emergency and to stay in contact with co-workers and family while on the job. To avoid these devices becoming a distraction, consider showing your trust and acceptance of your employees and allowing them to manage their own device use. A flexible use policy could be one that would approach overuse or distraction by mobile devices on a case-by-case basis. The key is to make sure that your expectations are in writing and made available to employees so when enforcement becomes necessary, you have the policy on hand to back up your decisions.

Limited Use Policies

Another common option for many employers is a limited use policy when it comes to overseeing mobile device use in the workplace. If you want to reduce distraction on the job, consider limiting mobile phone use to personal time during lunch and breaks. This allows employees to have access to the powerful tools that we are dependent on, while reducing risk of mistakes or distraction on the job.

This will require a certain amount of enforcement on your part to make sure staff members are not using their devices unnecessarily. But enforcement doesn’t need to be strict enough to harm morale among employees. Sometimes a simple reminder of corporate policy is all that is needed to remind an employee of the reasons behind the limited use policy. If the rules are reasonable and based in logic, most employees will understand and do their best to follow the rules in regards to future use.

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