Yes! Temporary Employment Should Be on Your Resume


Your resume is your single most powerful piece of marketing material. It provides employers with the information they need to understand what you can do for them as a new hire. There are a number of ways you can mistakenly present yourself and your work history in resume format, but did you know that listing temporary employment is not one of them? In fact, temp work can help make your resume really shine. Today’s article will discuss why you should always include your temporary contracts in your resume.

Temp Work Provides Career-Building Experience

Temporary jobs come in all shapes and sizes. It’s possible what started out as a short-term contract resulted in further work and a lengthier employment history. You might be working for your dream company or you might be working on an exciting project that will give you the experience you need to achieve your career goals. Regardless of what your specific temp job was, you are sure to find a link in your experience that presents your abilities and skills in a light relevant to the job you are applying for. Each experience is valuable. Your job is to highlight the relevant activities and achievements that will catch the attention of your future hiring manager.

Temp Work Helps Fill in Gaps

When you are applying for jobs, gaps in your work history can lead to questions that distract from your qualifications. Putting temporary assignments on your resume helps fill in those gaps. Your ability to show a consistent work history speaks volumes about your commitment to your career, your reliability, and your interest in taking on new projects. Temp work no longer has the negative connotation it once did. Employers are more interested in your ability to deliver on responsibilities. Furthermore, temp work helps keep your skills sharp and relevant to your industry. Employers love to see that you are up to date on current events and technologies in their industry, so avoiding unnecessary breaks in your work history is always a good thing.

Temp Work Shows Your Commitment

Temporary assignments help showcase your ability to do whatever it takes to find your next job. That commitment alone can be enough to make you a more desirable candidate to hiring managers. If you are looking to transition careers, temporary work can show your willingness to build your qualifications and experience so that you become a more competitive candidate in the long term.

Besides that, temporary contracts give you the chance to test the waters of a new industry or company to make sure it’s the right fit for you. Consider temp work to be a smart short-term move in a long-term career path. Make the most of your achievements and experiences to make your resume really stand out.

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