Control What Appears When Your Name Is Searched Online


Hiring managers are relying more and more on social networks and online information to get a better idea of who you are as a person and as a professional, so you better know what search results are coming up when your name is searched online. While you can’t control everything that is said about you on the Internet, there is a lot you can do to control the content employers see. All-Star Personnel will dive into the discussion of what you can do to control what appears when your name is searched.

Manage your Social Media Presence

You should always start with a strong presence and a great presentation of your professional life on social media. This includes creating a resume-like profile on LinkedIn, and being very careful about what you post on more personal sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you don’t want your employer (present or future) to see something you’ve posted online, then don’t post it or take it down. Also remember to review and update your privacy settings on a regular basis. Websites are constantly making changes to how information shared on their sites is used, so ensure you are aware of their policies and limit your exposure as needed.

Update your Content Regularly

Old information is both unhelpful and confusing to hiring managers trying to research prospective hires. Make sure that the information presented on your social media pages is as current as possible. Regularly posting high-quality blogs or other content will boost your ratings in Google and other search engines. You increase your online credibility by focusing a little on the search engine optimization or SEO of your social media pages. Make sure to use hot keywords related to you industry to show recruiters that you are relevant in your field.

Be Aware of Posted Photos

You have control over what you post of yourself, but you also need to be careful of what other people post about you as well. Untagging yourself from unflattering or compromising Facebook photos is a very legitimate way to control your online presence. At the very least, you should be aware of what photos other people have posted and tagged you in. You also can avoid these situations by not taking photos in compromising situations.

Start a Website

If you want to be really proactive in controlling your online presence, consider creating a web page and writing content relevant to your field. This will help to establish yourself as an expert in your field and will focus the search engines on the content you want hiring managers to see.

Creating an online portfolio of your work is a great resource for recruiters and future employers. Plus, it shows how committed to your industry and work. It takes a little effort to set up your own website, but you certainly don’t need to be an IT expert to get something up and running. There are a number of easy to use (and free) tools available to everyday people looking to start their own website.

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