All-Star has always found me a job within a week whenever I called. They have always been very lenient and versatile as a company. I would personally rate them number one as a temporary agency. All-Star Personnel has a huge roster of companies to send you to in comparison to most other. They have an outstanding staff who are willing to go above and beyond for their workers and have such great attitudes. They also firmly believe in second chances and puts the ones willing to work first. Outstanding job All-Star, Thank you!

Thomas, Lebanon All-Star Employee

Yes, my experience has been quite positive. Namely, they have not minded that I am with an executive search service (Investment Banking) and that I may not be in my present job someday, they have worked just as hard to see to it that I have this job.

William, Lebanon All-Star Employee

All-Star is one of the best temp services I have been with. The people that work for All-Star are very respectful to each and every one that walks through the doors of All-Star. They are very helpful with so much and they also make sure their employees are taken good care of.

Amber, Lebanon All-Star Employee

I have had a great experience with All-Star Personnel throughout the years. They were so helpful and friendly during the entire process of them finding me work. They have an awesome staff. I thank them for all of the hard work that they do. IT does not go unnoticed.

Kiara, Lebanon All-Star Employee

I have had a positive experience with All-Star Personnel. They helped me find a job when I was in need and could not find a job. They were very nice to me. I would always come back to All-Star. They work with you to find a place to work that fits your needs.

O’Kuna , Lebanon All-Star Employee

Genesco’s Lebanon Distribution Center has partnered with All-Star for some 12 years now to meet the needs of our ever-changing production needs. Their experience in recruiting, selection, and on-boarding is to be commended. The Staff at All-Star understands the requirements and skills needed to fill our positions effectively and quickly. We look forward to our continued partnership with the All-Star group.

Darlene Story – Director of H.R. & Safety Compliance, Genesco Inc.

Over the last several years we have found that what they would do for us was up and beyond just a temp service that came in and evaluated the jobs the employees would be doing and addressed the needs from a hands on business observation and approach. With us operating 24/7 our needs are troublesome sometimes but with All-Stars help and Ashley’s dedication, we have accomplished our needs. I would recommend All-Star to anyone that would like to try a temp service. You will find an extremely good company and employees that handles your account.

Paul Alexander, Sanitation Manager, Lewis Bakery