How Can a Staffing Agency Manage Your Projects?


Working with a staffing agency is great for several reasons. They help you find the right talent at the right price when you need it. They help you navigate sometimes tricky job markets. They onboard and help manage new hires. They can advise you on the value of seasonal or flexible contracts. But did you know they can also be a great resource to actually manage the projects you need a helping hand on too? Here’s more about the project management services we provide at All-Star Staffing.

All-Star Project Management

Our team of project managers are some of the best and will help you stay on top of your seasonal or ongoing projects with ease. Whether you need a helping hand filling orders, handling attendance or performance issues, or managing payroll or production deadlines, our team is able to provide the detail-oriented and organized mindset that will help you accomplish your business goals in the new year. There’s nothing quite like the peace of mind a great project manager can bring you. The project will be completed on time and with less of the all too common administrative pain points that can slow down growth and create stress in any business environment.

Specialized Programs

We are well recognized for our ability to provide on-site, specialized staffing services that help employers achieve more than they had ever dreamed possible. By minimize staffing time and cost, we allow our clients the space to focus on their core employee base and strategic growth objectives. By hiring an on-site specialist or project manager, our experts can help you manage a large temporary workforce, cutting down on time and effort on your end that would otherwise be spent on training, interviewing, and submitting endless job orders.

By handing off this workload to us, we are able to provide the detailed reporting and invoicing services that help you get the job done. We can customize any report to your unique needs and will track anything from absenteeism to excessive overtime to help you reach your production goals. Whatever the metrics, format, or level of detail you’re looking for, you can count on us to bring your documentation to life.

If you are in serious need of project management support, we can recommend customized staffing orientations, branch teams, individual recruiters, and account managers who can perform the training (both initial and ongoing) that will keep your temporary workforce performing at peak capacity. We understand that there are times when businesses need to staff up quickly in a big way, but without that experienced level of oversight, a large temporary workforce can be difficult to manage. We have the experience you need to keep everyone on task and on the job. Let us help you stay on top of things with a skilled project manager who will bring the level of experience and industry know how you need to make a positive impact.

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